Darren Almond

Fascinated by the notion of time and its representation, the diverse body of work of Darren Almond (born 1971 in Wigan, United Kingdom, lives and works in London) incorporates film, drawing, installation, sculpture and photography. His subjects are as diverse as clocks, train plates, bus shelters. They reveal feelings about the passage of time, themes of personal and historical memory, movement and space.
Darren Almond - All Things Pass & Timescape (book + vinyl LP)
English edition
Shelter Press - Records
sold out
This catalogue is a visual journey through the artist's show at Mudam Luxembourg. It centers on Almond's series of cosmos-inspired abstract paintings Timescape. Produced in conjunction with the publication, the record All Things Pass highlights the musical dimension of the artist's eponymous video installation. The soundtrack embodies both the tradition of music in Northern India and an experimental approach, expressing links between cosmic and human existence.
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