Information Fiction Publicité (IFP)

Created in 1984 by Jean-François Brun, Dominique Pasqualini, and Philippe Thomas, IFP, the collective worked until 1984 (in 1985 Philippe Thomas quit the collective, embarking on a career of his own). Between agency, brand and artistic collective, IFP questions the authorship of an artwork: Their works—in which clouds appear as a recurring motif—are never signed and thus escape the tyranny of the name. The collective exerted considerable influence, especially for their thinking on and deconstruction of the concepts of representation, exhibition, dissemination and the mediatisation of art.
 Information Fiction Publicité (IFP) -
bilingual edition (English / French)
Les presses du réel – Contemporary art – Monographs
First retrospective monograph dedicated to the “agency” created in 1984 by Jean-François Brun, Dominique Pasqualini and Philippe Thomas: an immersion into the collective's history through numerous press archives and exhibition views. The publication also includes an unpublished interview with Brun and Pasqualini, and a glossary.
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