Francesc Ruiz

Drawing, typography and graphic design are the tools used by Francesc Ruiz (born 1971, lives and works in Barcelona) to modify the publications that he mobilises in his installations, which for several years have tended towards architectural structures such as kiosks, bookshops, record shops or libraries. Francesc Ruiz is fascinated by the aesthetic of the comic books of which he has been an avid reader since childhood, and he is particularly interested in their narrative construction and the complexity of social systems conveyed by this aesthetic. Erotic and homosexual comic books in particular enable him to deal with issues such as censorship and creative freedom and thus to examine the evolution of social and individual identities. In parallel to his socio-political explorations Francesc Ruiz takes a more general interest, through the press and comic books, in the various aspects of popular culture which dissimulate their subversive nature behind amusing façades.

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Francesc Ruiz - 2/5
no text
Captures - 2/5 Series
Four artist's posters.
Francesc Ruiz - Closer
English edition
IF Publications
An artist's book paying tribute to Angoulême and comics, to Joy Division and the Situationist International at the same time.
Francesc Ruiz - Fahrenheit 451\'s Comic
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Captures - Artist's books
Reconstitution of a comic book appearing at the beginning of the film Fahrenheit 451 by François Truffaut. With this publication, Spanish artist Francesc Ruiz also questions the status of the comic book at the time the film was made and also within the dystopian universe originally created by Ray Bradbury.

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