Jugnet + Clairet

Anne-Marie Jugnet (born 1958, La Clayette, France) and Alain Clairet (born 1950, Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France) live and work together. Using a wide range of media, the work of this unclassifiable artist couple investigates and questions the status of images. Among their series of works are paintings of the snow on TV screens, sculptures of clouds, photographs of the sky, painterly reproductions of desert and ocean maps, and literary or poetic neon signs. In most cases, their practice draws on actual yet hardly perceptible physical phenomena. Jugnet and Clairet thus direct their attention to the fringes of the image, the periphery, where information is at best scarce. Their analysis consistently triggers a reflection on the conditions of the emergence of images: “Our paintings deal with images. Our photographs deal with painting.” After they have been subjected to various technical treatments (photography, computer-manipulation etc.), the topics addressed in their works—the void, disappearance, and dematerialisation—take shape and become palpable.

(external link : www.jugnetclairet.com)
 Jugnet + Clairet - Décrire le reste
bilingual edition (English / French)
Casino Luxembourg
35.00 17.50 €
Catalogue / retrospective monograph.

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