Vladimir Havlík

Born 1959 in Nove Mesto na Morave (current Czech Republic), Vladimir Havlík is an art performer. His work also include drawing, painting, visual poetry and video art. His production is characterized by movement on the thin line between art and life, accompanied by permanent reflection of its own creative process. The events, performances and Land art interventions which have been executed from the late 70's are characterized by distinctive poetry, romance, innocence, gentle humor, legible friendliness, and by cheerful exhibitionism. They are distinctive by a duality of nature—urban environment, balancing between the seriously intentioned and immediately challenged element. The media “performance” and its documentation is also subjected to critical review in his current work.
Vladimir Havlík - Actions and interventions 1978-1988
English edition
This artist's book takes a look back at ten years of works by Czech performer Vladimir Havlík and offers a powerful reflection on the influence of formats in our reception of photographic images.

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