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Reidemeister Move

Reidemeister Move is Christopher Williams, contrabass, and Robin Hayward, tuba, a duo dedicated to exploring and expanding the possibilities of sustained-tone music in just intonation for their instruments. Hayward's self-designed microtonal tuba developed together with the instrument manufacturers B & S, and Williams' previous work with Charles Curtis and La Monte Young's legendary Theatre of Eternal Music, provide the backbone for a performance practice based on purely tuned intervals, noise, corporeal rhythms, and spatial resonance.

See also Tonaliens (Amelia Cuni, Werner Durand, Robin Hayward, Hilary Jeffery & Ralf Meinz) ; Robin Hayward.

(external link : www.robinhayward.de)
 Reidemeister Move - Reidemeister Move plays Borromean Rings (vinyl LP – Picture Disc)
Corvo Records
Borromean Rings is a graphic score for double bass and microtonal F tuba, composed for the duo Reidemeister Move by Robin Hayward.

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