Amelia Cuni

Amelia Cuni (born in Milan, lives and works in Berlin) is a singer, composer and performer. She has trained her voice and musical skills in India, according to the tradition of dhrupad singing and kathak dance. Her present work includes contemporary music and multimedia collaborations with several artists of international repute (she interpretated—with Werner Durand—the 18 Microtonal Ragas: Solo 58 by John Cage, a cycle of 18-scale patterns from the collection Song Books (1970). She is engaged in the transmission of the knowledge she has acquired from her gurus and teaches Indian singing at the Vicenza Conservatory in Italy.

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Amelia Cuni - Diasporagas - Ancient Trends and New Traditions in Indo-European Music (vinyl LP)
Edition Telemark
An overview of the fruitful long-standing collaboration between Amelia Cuni, specialist of Indian dhrupad singing, and minimalist experimental musician Werner Durand.

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