Robert Lebel

Robert Lebel (1901-1986) is a poet, novelist, essayist, art historian and painting expert. He took part in the Surrealists' activities and wrote Marcel Duchamp's first monograph in 1959.

See also Robert Lebel & Isabelle Waldberg.
Robert Lebel - Le surréalisme comme essuie-glace, 1943-1984 - Œuvres complètes t. I
French edition
MAMCO - Historical essays & contemporary archives
A collection of texts by Robert Lebel on surrealism.
Robert Lebel - Sur Marcel Duchamp
French edition
MAMCO - Monographs
A facsimile edition of the first ever monograph dedicated to Marcel Duchamp and originally published in 1959. A complete introduction to his works and personality as well as a reflection on the artist's role in modern society. Graphic design by Marcel Duchamp. With texts by Duchamp, André Breton & Henri-Pierre Roché. Featuring a bibliography and a catalogue raisonné.

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