Pierre-Olivier Arnaud

The work of Pierre-Olivier Arnaud (born 1972, lives and works in Lyon, France) is based on the image, that is to say the image as a motif but which tends to disappear. The artist questions the status that the images he collects can have, a status that is relatively blurry because of the very precariousness of these motifs and their identity. Perhaps this is why the artist does not define himself as a photographer, who takes an image for what it is and gives it to be seen in an immediate and literal way. On the contrary, it is with the invisible, fragile qualities of images, in their non-obviousness and in the representations and interpretations they can give rise to, that Pierre-Olivier Arnaud works with. Moving away from a concrete look at the image, he produces a multitude of often abstract motifs, almost always in black and white, blurring our established vision and "de-sublimating" the visible. The image thus dissolves "at first reducing the motif to bring us, in the next stage, to get closer to it and look at it in detail". The artist's works are a somewhat dark, direct and honest vision of the world: inviting us to look at things differently, going beyond the evidence of glossy aesthetics and penetrating the identity itself of an image.
Pierre-Olivier Arnaud - Dans l\'espace : poussières, points, trames et chatoiements - L\'image prototype, restes et promesses
bilingual edition (English / French)
Tombolo Presses
Under a title in the form of an inventory that could list as many photographic subjects, this book exhaustively documents Pierre-Olivier Arnaud's work since the early 2000s.
Pierre-Olivier Arnaud - Hallo III
no text
Artist's book (newspaper).
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