Lefevre Jean Claude

 Lefevre Jean Claude - LJC Notations 1977-2007
French edition
Incertain Sens - Grey Series
An extensive investigation on art conducted for thirty years by an artist for whom the archives constitute an artistic material in its own right.
 Lefevre Jean Claude - Textes pour suite (coffret) - Pennadoù da heul + Texte zur Folge + Teksty do dalszego ciagu & Texts as Follows
Incertain Sens - Artist's books and editions
Three artist's books in a box set.
 Lefevre Jean Claude - LJC, éditeur à compte d\'auteur /  La pensée en transparence, l\'insert en tant que lieu d\'exposition du travail de l\'art au travail de Lefevre Jean Claude
French edition
CDLA (Centre des livres d'artistes)
Two texts by Jean-Charles Agboton-Jumeau et Marion Hohlfeldt on Lefevre Jean Claude, with some “inserts” by the artist on divider pages.

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