Fabienne Radi

Born 1960 in Friburg, Fabienne Radi lives and works in Geneva.

(external link : www.fabienneradi.ch)
Fabienne Radi - Quarante et un titres autrement
French edition
Lendroit éditions
This artist's book assembles 41 titles of literary works, transcribed in homophonic translation. An exercise in concrete poetry, stemming from the Oulipo tradition. To be seen as much as read.
Fabienne Radi - Cent titres sans Sans titre
French edition
Artist's book presenting a hundred fictional texts based on works from the Fonds cantonal d'art contemporain (FCAC) of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.
Fabienne Radi - Ça prend - Art contemporain, cinéma et pop culture
French edition
MAMCO - Historical essays & contemporary archives
Chronicles, articles and essays on contemporary art, cinema, and pop culture.

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