Carla Lonzi

The life and work of Carla Lonzi (1931–1982) is inseparable from the cultural, political, and social history of Italy in the decades following the Second World War; she occupies a singular position, which today merits reevaluation. A reputed art critic of the 1960s artistic scene, both friend and collaborator of such figures as Carla Accardi, Luciano Fabro, Giulio Paolini, and Jannis Kounellis, she wrote “Autoportrait” in 1969, a “love letter” to the artists and to creation, but also a farewell chorus to art criticism and the art world. The following year she founded Rivolta Femminile, an active feminist collective, thus becoming the central figure of Italian feminism.

See also Giovanna Zapperi : Carla Lonzi : un art de la vie – Critique d'art et féminisme en Italie (1968-1981); Deculturalize.
Carla Lonzi - Autoportrait
French edition
JRP|Editions - Lectures Maison Rouge
A polyphonic self-portrait.

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