Sigalit Landau

In her work, Sigalit Landau (born 1969 in Jerusalem, Sigalit Landau lives and works in Tel Aviv) answers poetically the warnings of the time. Her engaged moves turn individual, philosophical or political questions into universal ones. To achieve that, she often combines performances, installations, objects and videos. Her works have the capacity to crystallize into one image, or one object, as shown, for example, by the immense notoriety of her video Barbed Hula, with her realizations becoming the symbol of collective challenges. The necessity of this move explains the prominent place she now occupies in the realm of the community of artists who are indispensable for the reinvention of the world.

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Sigalit Landau - One Man\'s Floor is Another Man\'s Feelings
French / English / Arabic / Hebrew edition
Kamel Mennour
Book conceived by the artist, based on the installation she developed for the Israeli Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale.

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