Hands in the Dark / Fragments Editions

Hands In The Dark is an independent micro-record label based in Besançon (East France) and South East England, which, since 2010, has focused on proposing exciting auditory explorations and singular visions of experimental music.
Fragments Editions is a sub-imprint of Hands in the Dark.
Besançon / London
5 titles
 Mondkopf - Waves (Selected Works) (vinyl LP)
The French producer's 9th album features two time-stretched, profound analog-textured pieces based on the physical and emotional swaying motion suggested by its title and recorded during some concerts played in the summer of 2019.
Andrea Taeggi - Nattdett (vinyl LP)
Berlin-based, Italian-born sound artist Andrea Taeggi introduces his debut release on Hands in the Dark records, an album showcasing six mesmerizing and rhythmically intricate electronic compositions.
 Schatterau - Schatterau (vinyl LP)
The debut, self-titled album from German trio Schatterau: 15 elegant miniature pieces made with an old 4-track cassette recorder, offering a lo-fi walk through a patchwork of warm, nostalgic, dreamlike and strangely familiar soundscapes.
Thomas Tilly - Melt (vinyl LP)
A project exploring the sounds of glaciers, captured in crevasses, glacial torrents or moraine folds using microphones, hydrophones and seismic sensors.
 Pointe du Lac - Les siphonophores des eaux froides et profondes de l\'Arctique (vinyl LP)
The third studio album from the Frenchmen Pointe du Lac offers a deep, catchy and classy dive into kosmische, electronica and jazz.

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