les presses du réel

Cura. n° 36 – Futurity

Ed Atkins. Refuse.exe
Text by Gareth Damian Martin

Ed Atkins
Text by Lumi Tan

Ed Atkins
In conversation with Vivian Rycroft

Text by K Allado-McDowell

Trevor Paglen. Skies, Clouds, Seas and Flowers
Text by Emma Enderby

Timur Si-Qin
In conversation with Mostafa Heddaya

Guan Xiao
In conversation with Sarah Johanna Theurer

Jon Rafman
Minor Daemon. Visual Essay Première

Klára Hosnedlová
In conversation with Anna Gritz

Anonymous Club
Text by Fredi Fischli, Niels Olsen and Adam Jasper

Yuri Pattison
In conversation with Bart van der Heide

Mélodie Mousset
Text by Michael Connor

Alberta Whittle
Text by Nicole Yip

Sung Tieu
Text by Paul Rekret

Jes Fan
Text by Pavel S. Pyś

Mire Lee
Text by Natasha Hoare

Alisa Baremboym
Text by Noam Segal

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