les presses du réel

Klima n° 03 – Magical Trouble

The Occult has been here all Along
Amy Hale

Against Witch-Washing
Aniara Rodado

Witch-Hunting and the Fear of the Power of Women
Silvia Federici

Conversation avec Fastwürms
Grégoria Lagourgue

A Postcard from Morocco, Witches are here to Stay
Kenza Aloui

Kira Scerbin

Conversation avec Laura Gozlan
Katia Porro

Lewis Hammond

Bearing Wor(L)Ds
Alicia Reymond

Valentine Étiévant & Tristan Savoy

Conversation avec Paul Maheke
Ludovic Delalande

Le Barnum D'Ulla Von Brandenburg
Rémi Baert

Intervention : Indigo
Ixchel Ledesma

The Life and Disappearing of an Unordinary Person
Tom de Peyret

Beyond Baroque Ride
Francesco Tenaglia

Becoming Dog
Elise Lammer

Mouthless Part I
Dorota Gaweda & Egle Kulbokaite

Believing in the Transcendence through Technology Cecilia Calheiros

Final Fantasy
Théo Casciani

Gaia Vincensini

The New Magic?
Fanny Charrasse

Milagros Lupotti

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