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(SIC) n° 06 – Art, Research and Politics – Essays in curatorial Criticism (1999-2014)

Another Preface
Preludium. Another Biennale (2006)
The Next Documenta Shouldn't Be in Kassel (2008)
Global Cities and Anti-Globalist Resistance (2007)
Minimum Presence. On Artistic Residencies (2010)
Ceci n'est pas une préface (2002)
A Small Dictionary of Multiculturalism (2001)
An Aesthetic of Insult (2011)
Art, Capitalism and Resistance (2006)
A Portrait of the Artist as a Researcher (2006)
Interludium. Ina Wudtke, Herstory: Ask Yo Mama (2011)
Populism and Democracy (2005)
How To Become Dutch (2008)
After the Northern Atlantic. Towards the Euro-Mediterranean Union (2004)
Museum Politics. On Federalism and Postcolonialism (1999)
A Portrait of the Artist as a DJ. Notes on Ina Wudtke (2007)
A Biopolitical Philosophy of the Living Room (2006)
On Supplementality (2010)
Postludium. My own private documenta (2012)

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