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Tacet #04 – The sounds of Utopia

table of contents
Matthieu Saladin, Listening to Utopia Is Straining Toward an Impossible Ear


Cornelius Cardew, The Story of Agatha
J. G. Ballard, The Sound-Sweep

Schizophony and Non-Place
François J. Bonnet The Acousmatic Non-Place
Pali Meursault, Field recordings and Shared Places
Em'kal Eyongakpa & Amal Alhaag, Where Water Is Boss Sound Must Obey

Island and Enclave
Scott Gleason, Musical Utopianism in the Princeton School, Pre- and Post-Turn
Andy McGraw, Utopian Atmospheres: An Ethnographic Account of Music in the Richmond City Jail

Critical Utopias
Henry A. Flynt, Jr., The Meaning of My Avant-Garde Hillbilly and Blues Music
Christophe Levaux, Henry Flynt and the Reinvention of Cultural Roots
Francis Heery, Sound Plasma: Horatio Radulescu's Oto-utopia

Jonathan Sterne, From the Voices of the Dead to Algorithmic Golems: Utopias and Distopias in Sound Technology
Filipe Barros Beltrão & Andrew Gray, Sonic Utopias in the Realm of Science Fiction. The Silence and Music of Gravity
Pascal Broccolichi, Lexicon


Thibault Walter, The Mobilisation and Cosmologisation of Sound in and Michael Gendreau
Anne Zeitz, Moments of (In)attention. On Suspended Temporality in the Works of
Max Neuhaus
Loïc Bertrand, White Noise. The Establishment of a Musical Object
Henry A. Flynt, Jr., The World's Musics as Languages: Phases of Cross-Cultural Analysis of Mainstream Music
Luc Ferrari, Correspondence with Pierre Schaeffer (3 Letters)


Collection Rip on/off, by Xavier Hug
Ultra-red, URXX Nos. 1–9, by G Douglas Barrett

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