Pali Meursault

Pali Meursault is a sound artist, composer, sound designer, sound engineer and teacher. His electroacoustic research turns into compositions for records, radio pieces, installations, or performances. His approach uses field recordings, inherits from musique concrète, and explores the sound environment to its audible limits: infra et ultrasounds, and electromagnetic phenomena. For over 15 years, he has been carrying his microphones and antenna to industrial and urban places, alpine glaciers or amazonian forests. His last works capture the sounds of workplaces, confronts animal communication and electromagnetic fields, or reveal the hidden sound environment of datacenters.
He is also involved in many collaborations with collectives (∏-Node, Ici-Même), other musicians (Lee Patterson, Frédéric Nogray, Nicolas Montgermont, Alice Q.) or filmmakers (Lise Fisher, Naïs Van Laer). Alonside these activities, he teaches and writes about sound art.

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Pali Meursault - { PRESS } (vinyl LP)
A piece of industrial musique concrète composed in the studios of GRM, created from field recordings of a vinyl record pressing plant: a mise en abyme of the record as an object.

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