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Sight Drawings (vinyl LP)

Nickolas Mohanna - Sight Drawings (vinyl LP)
The new acousmatic, expressionistic and cinematic production by New York artist and composer Nickolas Mohanna.
"Culled from field recordings, sampled orchestral noises, and voice recorders, Sight Drawings explores the spatial impressions of sound within a delicate acousmatic language; producing expressionistic collages that translate into wide-screen cinematic terrain. Across the seven pieces, Mohanna cuts a tapestry of kinetic digital noise, deconstructed guitar, and sweeping brutalist strings, picking off from previous work and engaging the listener with a materiality of sound from the backdrop of a scorched landscape and collapsing infrastructure." —C Meyer
Nickolas Mohanna is an artist and composer based in New York. His interdisciplinary practice employs a variety of media to explore and blur the borders between music, sound and sculpture. Many of these works are produced with little or no hardware but with environmental sounds, the portals of the Internet. He has released numerous experimental recordings, on labels such as Karlrecords, Preservation/Longform Editions (AU) and Aagoo (US). He is also the founder of the publishing project Run/Off; with which he has collaborated with many visual artists, composers and writers.
Recorded & mixed at Cor-Ten, New York.
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering, Brooklyn, New York.
Graphic design: The Woodcutter.
published in September 2022
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