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Leva LevaLadainha de pescadores / Litanie des pêcheurs portugais (book + vinyl LP)

 - Leva Leva
A volume that gives a voice to artists, writers, witnesses and experts, all invited to reflect upon the question of the Portuguese fishermen's culture and the rapid transformation it experienced, accompanied by a vinyl compilation containing undisclosed original recordings of Portuguese fishermen's songs and contemporary compositions.
A maritime country widely opened on the Atlantic Ocean, in the history text books, Portugal is often remembered for its important history of global conquests and explorations. At a more local level, in the major part of the 20th century, the economy of the country has relied on fishery and its corollary: an exploitative canning industry. To endure their hardship, get motivated and coordinate their work, fishermen sung.
Leva Leva: Litany of the Portuguese fishermen represents an attempt to document this particular culture of the Portuguese coast, its songs and its abrupt transformation, through an original perspective articulated around:
- a vinyl compilation) containing undisclosed original recordings of fishermen's songs and inspired contemporary compositions by artists like Filipa Cordeiro, Joăo Pais Filipe, Nandele, Romain Baudoin, s1m0nc3ll0
- an art book (Portuguese / French) featuring the inputs from artists, writers, witnesses and experts, all invited in reflecting upon the question of this culture and the rapid transformation it went through at the end of the 21st Century.
Edited by Olivier Duport et Alan Marzo.
Contributions by Olivier Duport, Alan Marzo, Maria Joao Duarte, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Anne Caufriez, Michel Giacometti, José Garrancho, Humberto Reis, Alan Strani, Carlos Alberto Osorio.
With João Pais Filipe, Romain Baudoin, Filipa Cordeiro, Nandele, s1m0nc3ll0, Armando Leça, Michel Giacometti & Fernando Lopes-Graça, José Alberto Sardinha.
published in September 2022
bilingual edition (French / Portuguese)
vinyl + book
160 pages (39 ill.)
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