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Convex Thoughts293 Digital Drawings

Yves Netzhammer - Convex Thoughts
293 new digital drawings by the Swiss artist.
Since early in his career the Swiss artist Yves Netzhammer has used digital drawings as the basis of his work, which oscillates between sculpture and the moving image. Lines drawn into a space in abeyance visualize his figurative thought and beguile the viewer into bizarre, comical and eerie associations. Netzhammer's refined and precise pictorial rhetoric plays a subtle game that permits the viewer a variety of interpretations and continually evades the deceptive moment of unambiguity. This results in images in which complexity and levity, formal strictness or conceptual proliferation come to the fore depending on one's point of view.
Convex Thoughts is a bibliographical space that complements its predecessor, Concave Thoughts, and like it is a vade mecum for dreamers and musers, an endless storyboard from an art at the highs and lows of its time.
Yves Netzhammer (born 1970 in Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland, lives and works in Zurich) works at the boundary between computer art, video, animation, drawing, and sculpture. His art has been presented internationally in solo exhibitions at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Minsheng Art Museum, Kunstmuseum Bern, Shenzhen Animation Biennale, Kiev Biennale and elsewhere. In 2007 he configured the Swiss Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

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published in October 2022
English edition
12,7 x 20 cm (softcover)
512 pages (b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-0358-0510-9
EAN : 9783035805109
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