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Singer Notes, 1968

Mel Bochner - Singer Notes, 1968
Singer Notes is an important work by American artist Mel Bochner yet strangely it remains little-known. While encapsulating the germination of ideas which later proved to be fundamental in Bochner's extremely influential work since the late 1960s, the Singer Notes have been generally unknown.
The first section of Singer Notes, 1968 comprises an exact copy of the Singer Notes, the whole of the drawings and the notes realized by Mel Bochner between September and December 1968.
The second section of Singer Notes, 1968 comprises the conversation between Mel Bochner and Sébastien Pluot looking through each page of the notes.
Limited edition of 200 signed and numbered copies.
published in 2017
English edition
20,5 x 25,8 cm
132 pages (ill.)
in stock

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