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Elisabeth Haarr -
Retrospective monograph.
This book accompanies a monographic presentation by the artist at Bergen Kunsthall. Surprisingly, this is the first extensive career survey of Haarr's work, with the exception of a two-person survey with Hannah Ryggen in 2008. This book aims to provide entry points into Elisabeth Haarr's ongoing practice and is illustrated with a wide-ranging selection of works from throughout her career as well as new works produced for the exhibition in Bergen. Iconic photos of Haarr's work show banners or other textile pieces hanging in the open, outside of the exhibition space like a flag, or in her garden blowing in the wind. The works are documented with additional material, such as research references and sources of inspiration, as well as images made by the artist during her working process to share her progress with collaborators and friends. These images often show the artist's personal milieu, such as her studio and the garden of her house in Kristiansand.
This richly illustrated publication includes new texts by artist Are Blytt, curator Elisabeth Byre, poet, playwright, and novelist Cecilie Løveid, and curator Steinar Sekkingstad, and a conversation between Elisabeth Haarr and artist Eline Mugaas.
Published on the occasion of Elisabeth Haarr's exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall in 2021.
Elisabeth Haarr (born 1945 in Hamar, Norway) is one of the most significant artists in Norway. From early experimentation with tapestry as modern visual art in the 1960s to political works with an activist message in the 1970s, and later sculptural installations of rugs, banners, figures, and drapes, Haarr's oeuvre has significantly contributed to the consideration of textiles as a material in contemporary art. Her work continues to address topics such as feminism, anti-fascism, and environmental protection, and is today more relevant than ever.
Edited by Mai Lahn-Johannessen, Steinar Sekkingstad, Axel Wieder.
Contributions by Are Blytt, Elisabeth Byre, Elisabeth Haarr, Cecilie Løveid, Eline Mugaas, Steinar Sekkingstad.

Graphic design: Parabol Studio.
published in October 2021
bilingual edition (English / Norwegian)
18,5 x 29 cm (softcover)
480 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-95679-621-0
EAN : 9783956796210
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