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Party StudiesVol. 1 – Home gatherings, flat events, festive pedagogy and refiguring the hangover

 - Party Studies
First volume of a collective publication devoted to the analysis of the party, in all the complexity of its social dimensions and implications.
From social get-together to scenes of delirium, the publication aims to unpack the party as a complex, vertiginous construct that provides a dynamic view onto questions of community. If the party functions as an intensification of togetherness, what lessons might it provide in negotiating a given social order?
In particular, volume 1 considers the house party, and in what ways domestic space is reworked in support of an extension of the family unit. Including a series of interviews with those active in flat events in Budapest during the communist regime and today, essays on hospitality, the politics of rest, and erotic knowledge, and documentation on Sala 603, an informal house-theater in Curitiba.
The publication is the first in a series developed in parallel to a set of party-workshops held in different locations in Madrid, each of which performatively investigates states of partying, posing the party as a scene of creative study.
Edited by Víctor Aguado, Ramón del Buey, Brandon LaBelle.
Contributions by Miguel Ballarín & Víctor Aguado, Octavio Camargo, István Javór, András Kovács, Brandon LaBelle, Julia Morandeira, Lucia Udvardyova.

Published with AMEE, Madrid.
published in June 2021
15 x 21 cm (softcover)
140 pages (color & b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-0-9978744-9-5
EAN : 9780997874495
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