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Thomas Müllenbach - Graphit
This publication brings together the large-size graphite drawings of the last decade by painter and graphic artist Thomas Müllenbach. From his engagement with popular culture and ongoing dialogue with the history of art, the artist has developed a language of directness and reduction by drawing life-size different subjects from reality. From everyday life in domestic kitchens to the navigation instruments in the cockpit of an MD 11, via the equipment in a hospital operating-room and the site of the nuclear catastrophe at Tschernobyl, the artist questions our relationship with technology.
Thomas Müllenbach (born 1949 in Koblenz, Germany, lives and works in Zurich) has made his mark on Swiss art and culture since the 1970s. In his capacity as a professor at Zurich's Hochschule der Künste, he has for years made an important contribution to current discourse about art. In 1985 he figured prominently in setting up the Kunsthalle Zürich association, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2015—featuring among other things Müllenbach's acclaimed solo show “T.F.T.”, which devoted one whole room to his “semi-originals”.
Edited by Bernhard von Waldkirch
Texts by Christoph Doswald, Dorothea Strauss, Bernhard von Waldkirch

Published with the Kunsthaus Zürich.
published in 2007
German edition
17,5 x 24,5 cm (hardcover)
104 pages (33 colour ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-905770-46-9
EAN : 9783905770469
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Graphit Graphit Graphit
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