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Tristes Tropiques (vinyl LP)

Andrew Pekler - Tristes Tropiques (vinyl LP)
An album of “synthetic exotica & pseudo-ethnographic music”.
Sounding like the field recording from an imaginary landscape, “Tristes Tropiques” (named after Claude Lévi-Strauss' landmark ethnographic writing of the same name) deals with the meaning of Exotica & ethnographic recordings (without using them) as well as with cultural categories like “Otherness”. As smart as it is, it's also totally stunning, free-floating music, RIYL Dolphins Into The Future or Jan Jelinek.
New edition of the album released in 2016.
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Andrew Pekler (born in 1973 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, lives and works in Berlin) is a sound artist whose experimental practice relies on the use of recontextualized samples and archives.
published in May 2021
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