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Paul Harper & Andrea Heller - Death Disco
A fictionnal playlist.

For Death Disco a clairvoyant was employed to contact ten dead rock stars (Joey Ramone, Johnny Cash, Karen Carpenter, Serge Gainsbourg, Ian Curtis, Nick Drake, Nico, Sid Vicious, Franck Zappa, Kurt Cobain) to find out each of their current top ten songs or pieces of music. The information received from the clairvoyant, Steve, forms the content of this book.

On the left hand pages is the original data by clairvoyant Steve. These contain interesting additional comments and inconsistencies; either from Steve or from the rock star he was in contact with at that time. On the right hand pages are the refined top ten lists with additional information including, where possible, the album a particular song originally appeared on and its first release date.
Death Disco was originally conceived in order to provide the soundtrack to the exhibition Bad Moon Rising at K3 Project Space, Zürich in January 2006.

This publication is followed by Death Jukebox in 2008.
published in 2006
English edition
16 x 20 cm (softcover)
24 pages (duotone)
ISBN : 978-3-905714-09-8
EAN : 9783905714098
sold out
Death Disco Death Disco Death Disco Death Disco
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