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AARC – Alter Architecture Research Collective #01

 - AARC – Alter Architecture Research Collective #01
Alter Architecture Research Collective's manifesto.
Alter Architecture Research Collective (AARC) is an interdisciplinary group of thinkers and practitioners that come together to observe, question and distort existing strategies of cultural and spatial production. Understanding architecture as appropriation, production and organization of space, mostly governed centrally by economic logics that work to entrap subjectivity, AARC seeks to inhabit and distort these mechanism. Where counter-strategies imply simply opposition, alteration opens space for multiplicities and difference.
With research as a methodology, publishing is the device chosen to intervene in the discourse of spatial production. AARC proposes a series of short publications as a site for provoking other ways to engage with increasingly fragmented space. Sourced from social interactions, experiences of everyday life, breakthroughs of collective selforganisation, it is the form to act upon respond to reality. AARC's work is always processual, always trying to catch up with a world that escapes our grasp. As a collective, AARC seeks no authorship, nor authority; to dissolve and disseminate responsibility horizontally, together, as many and one.
Limited numbered edition.
Edited by George Jepson.
Contributions by Andreas Rumpfhuber, Tiqqun, Mariapaola Michelotto, Giorgio Agamben, Julian Siravo.

Graphic design: Ariadna Serrahima.
published in November 2020
English edition
11 x 29,5 cm (softcover)
32 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-84-945901-7-7
EAN : 9788494590177
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