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Flash Art #332 – Fall 2020

 - Flash Art #332
This issue of Flash Art comes with a new brand identity, introducing a seasonal publication schedule starting from fall 2020. A new logo also heralds this change: an apparent return to the visual identity of Flash Art, albeit revised and updated with an evolving graphic layout and doubled page count and contents to offer readers a more in-depth, discursive experience. This issue explores the dynamic hybridization of the languages of contemporary art, focusing on the theme of the curatorial process—the exhibition as a moment of reflection and revelation with infinite potential for investigation.
Central role in this landscape, Germano Celant (1940–2020) to whom Terry Smith and Pascale Krief essays pay tribute defining how the visionary curator and critic upended the criteria for curating and exhibiting contemporary art. These pages analyze in depth practices of artists such Liliane Lijn—cover story of this issue—Philippe Parreno's work which tirelessly tests the limits of the exhibition format; the oral practice of Ian Wilson, as well as the curatorial abuses, as Françoise Roche points out in regard to Yona Friedman.
Also in this issue Barbara London's survey on sound-based art practices; Matthew Linde's visual project on Masahiro Nakagawa's 20471120; a conversation with The Kitchen, New York on the concept of artist residency in relation to the current states of art production through projects by Autumn Knight and Baseera Khan; Letter from the City's first chapter by Ivana Basic—a brand new column conceived as a correspondance embodying artists thoughts as an overlap between the internal and external world.
Reviews: "Don't Let This Be Easy" Walker Art Center, Minneapolis / Rose Wylie "where i am and was" Aspen Art Museum, Colorado / Toyin Ojih Odutola "A Countervailing Theory" Barbican Centre, London / Robert Morris "The Perceiving Body" MAMC+, Saint-Étienne Métropole / "Shifting Proximities" Nxt Museum, Amsterdam / Irma Blank "Blank" CCA - Center for Contemporary Art and at the Bauhaus Foundation, Tel Aviv / Martin Kippenberger "K" Fondazione Prada, Milan / "Untitled, 2020. Three perspectives on the art of the present" Punta della Dogana, Venice.
Flash Art is a contemporary art and culture magazine (and a publishing platform) founded in 1967. Within a decade, it became an indispensable point of reference for artists, critics, collectors, galleries, and institutions. In 2020, Flash Art became a quarterly publication, at the same time increasing its trim size and updating its graphic identity. The magazine offers a fresh perspective on the visual arts, covering a range of transdisciplinary approaches and fostering in-depth analyses of artist practices and new cultural directions. Today, Flash Art remains required reading for all who navigate the international art scene.
Flash Art is known for it covers featuring artists who subsequently become leading figures in the art world. The magazine includes photoshoots, productions, critical essays, monographic profiles, conversations with emerging and established artists, and a range of ongoing and thematic columns that change every few years. The long history of the magazine is also highlighted by pivotal texts from the archive that are included in the publication time to time. Finally, every issue offers a highly curated selection of the best institutional exhibitions on the global scene.
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published in October 2020
English edition
22,5 x 29 cm (softcover)
264 pages (color & b/w ill.)
in stock

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