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Free Jazz und Kinder (vinyl LP)

Peter Brötzmann, Fred Van Hove, Han Bennink - Free Jazz und Kinder (vinyl LP)
12'' vinyl reissue of the rare & infamous double-7'' originally published by FMP in 1973. Recordings from a Free Jazz workshop at Akademie der Künste, Berlin, April 1972, featuring 15 children (aged 8-11) and Peter Brötzmann, Fred van Hove, Han Bennink.
Peter Brötzmann (born 1941 in Remscheid) is a German tenor saxophonist and clarinettist, considered one of the most important figures of European improvised music and free jazz.
Belgian pianist, accordionist, church organist, and carillonist, improviser and composer Fred Van Hove (1937-2022) was a pioneer of European free music.
One of the pivotal figures in early European free jazz and free improvisation, Dutch drummer and multi-instrumentalist Han Bennink (born 1942 in Zaandam) is also a visual artist.
published in October 2020
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