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Triptychos Post Historicus

Braco Dimitrijević - Triptychos Post Historicus
Catalogue of a series of Triptychos Post Historicus made in France by Braco Dimitrijevic.

A story told by the artist : « Once upon a time, a king lost his dog. He went to Leonard's studio where he bought a painting. Leaving the house with the painting under his arm, he suddenly saw his dog who began to bark. The king thought the dog was expressing joy over retrieving his master, but in fact he was barking about the painting, the univeral beauty of Leonardo's. »
Texts by Joël Benzakin, Guy Tortosa.

Published with La Criée, Rennes.
published in 1989
bilingual edition (English / French)
20 X 26 cm
32 pages (9 colour & 5 b/w illustrations)
11.00 6.00
(special offer)
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