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Tant que les Îles (book / vinyl LP)

Stéphane Thidet [see all titles]
Stéphane Thidet - Tant que les Îles (book / vinyl LP)
Vinyl record unique for each edition, accompanied with a 36 page booklet with 16 drawings by Stéphane Thidet.
Stéphane Thidet (born 1974 in Paris, lives and works in Aubervilliers) collects anomalies that he creates himself. He determines to what measure – in the musical meaning of the term – and up to what point, a plastic artist has the power to transform a natural or manmade element. The displacements he makes, the recontextualiztions, the transmutations of matter, the reassemblies are consequently the subjects of situational recordings neutralized by the absence of affect. Introducing a pack of wolves into a park, making rain fall in a cabin, putting a seesaw under glass, recounting the “Evil” of villages: he creates the uninhabitable and the inhabitable in the end ignoring their usage.
Edited by Valérie Knochel and Simon Poulain.

Graphic design: Lionel Catelan.

Published by La Maréchalerie / ENSA V, École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Versailles.
published in March 2020
32 x 32 cm / 35'
36 pages (18 b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-918-512-17-2
EAN : 9782918512172
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Tant que les Îles (book / vinyl LP) Tant que les Îles (book / vinyl LP) Tant que les Îles (book / vinyl LP) Tant que les Îles (book / vinyl LP) Tant que les Îles (book / vinyl LP)

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