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Twist (vinyl LP)

Yvan Etienne - Twist (vinyl LP)
Yvan Etienne's new sound composition (Serge Modular, field recording).
Also available on CD.

French artist/activist Yvan Etienne is engaged in research in the field of sound art (specific site installations and concerts). As a musician, he composes and plays pieces using electronic, phonography, analog synthesizers and the hurdy-gurdy. His sound art research questions the perception and physicality of sound spaces. He has played with Phill Niblock, Yann Gourdon, Richard Glover, Brice Jeannin, Patrice Grente, Robert Poss, Paul Panhuysen, Marie Verry...
Yvan Etienne runs Ohcetecho, a series of experimental music/sound art books published by Les presses du réel.
Composed and recorded and mixed by Yvan Etienne.
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.
Cut by Mike Grinser at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
Artwork by Gregory Weiss / Layout by Yvan Etienne.
published in May 2019
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