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Spike #59 – Lifestyle Protocols

 - Spike #59
What can be changed through the twists and tweaks of design, architecture, technology, infrastructure, economics, or daily routines? How can the way we eat, learn, dress, live, and talk be a way to renew ourselves, and so too our society, from the ground up? Given that a different present is almost impossible to imagine and utopia is currently out of reach, this issue looks at the non-heroic ways of doing things differently that can open our minds and make the world better. This issue is all about lifestyle protocols.
Featuring: the common ground between Forensic Architecture and blockchain technology; A Model for a Quantitative Society, by Antony Hudek; portraits of George Maciunas and Bless; interviews with Ted Nelson, Peter Kubelka, Wu Tsang; Cruising Pavilion; Boris Groys; Victor Papanek; Mat Dryhurst; New Patrons; Ayzit Bostan...
Founded by the artist Rita Vitorelli in 2004, Spike (Spike Art Quarterly) is a quarterly magazine on contemporary art published in English which aims at sustaining a vigorous, independent, and meaningful art criticism. At the heart of each issue are feature essays by leading critics and curators on artists making work that plays a significant role in current debates. Situated between art theory and practice and ranging far beyond its editorial base in Vienna and Berlin, Spike is both rigorously academic and stylishly essayistic. Spike's renowned pool of contributing writers, artists, collectors and gallerists observe and reflect on contemporary art and analyse international developments in contemporary culture, offering its readers both intimacy and immediacy through an unusually open editorial approach that is not afraid of controversy and provocation.
published in April 2019
English edition
21,7 x 28 cm (softcover)
210 pages (color ill.)
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