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L'Attrait des leurres

Alain Garlan - L\'Attrait des leurres
This first novel tells the story of performing art producers who travel around the world looking for new artists. The protagonists will be confronted with the realities of globalization, its promises, its violence and its lures. An enlightening reflection on the role and limits of creation in the transformation of the world.
Alain Garlan (born in Paris, lives and works in Villeurbanne, France) is an artist en cultural entrepreneur. In 1978, along with Gérard Bourgey and Gérard Couty, he founds the art collective Frigo.
published in September 2018
French edition
14 x 21 cm (softcover)
264 pages
ISBN : 979-10-96911-11-0
EAN : 9791096911110
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