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Palais #27 – Another Banana Day for the Dream-Fish

 - Palais #27
Issue #27 of Palais is devoted to the exhibition “Another Banana Day for the Dream-Fish” at the Palais de Tokyo (June-September 2018). This exhibition brings together the works of some thirty artists and craftsmen on the theme of childhood fantasy.
This exhibition brings together creations by around 30 artists and craftspersons, based around the imaginary of childhood, its foundation myths and contemporary transformations. Constructed like a tale, with many levels of interpretation, the exhibition, with a dramaturgy conceived by the artist and filmmaker Clément Cogitore, transforms the Palais de Tokyo into a huge initiatory journey.
In this issue:
Sandra Adam-Couralet and Yoann Gourmel, the curators of the exhibition, present its challenges, between everyday spaces and dream territories, stupor and amazement.
Kodama Kanazawa, the associate curator, examines the spatiotemporal hybridity of childhood.
Special contributions from artists in the exhibition: Petrit Halilaj, Anna Hulačová, Chihiro Mori, Rachel Rose, as well as the artist and mangaka Yûichi Yokoyama who has produced an original manga about the figure of the chimera.
The artist and curator Ydessa Hendeles takes an interest in the history of the teddy bear, as an important 20th-century figure.
The linguist Aliyah Morgenstern and the sociologist Régine Sirota offer a selection of texts about the moments and rituals that make the stuff of childhood, with articles by Julie Delalande, Christine Détrez, Kevin Diter, Nicoletta Diasio, Nathalie Mangeard-Bloch and Virginie Vinel.
The historian John R. Gillis analyses what he calls the “inslanding of children”: the separation in the modern era between the space for children and that for adults and the isolation of each child within its protective sphere.
Ferdinand Cazalis retraces the history of playgrounds and brings out their anchorage in the political history of the West, from 1770 to today.
A selection of pieces produced by the pupils of the Torcy elementary school (Paris), who were invited to react to the exhibition “Another Banana Day for the Dream-Fish”, as part of an educational project with the Palais de Tokyo.
In a special contribution, Clément Cogitore unveils the notebook for his dramaturgy of the exhibition “Another Banana Day for the Dream-Fish”, whose interpretation and production were confided to different craftspersons.
In a series of interviews, Muriel Prouet and Grégoire Talon go back over the expertise and creative daring of these craftspersons (a cabinet-maker; a creator of textile art and embroidery; an embosser, printer and shaper of velvet; a master glass-maker; a master pleater; a mosaic artist; a sculptor of metal; and a sculptor of stone) as well as their collaboration with Clément Cogitore.
Published twice a year, Palais magazine (P L  S since 2023) offers an in-depth perspective on the exhibitions and program of the Palais de Tokyo. Palais allows people to see contemporary art in a topical way, as often as possible from the point of view of the artists themselves. Each issue of the magazine includes dossiers, interviews, essays, special projects and inserts, all contributed by artists, art critics, historians or theorists, making Palais magazine an essential tool for apprehending contemporary art.
published in June 2018
bilingual edition (English / French)
22,5 x 28,5 cm (softcover)
216 pages (color ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-84711-102-6
EAN : 9782847111026
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