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Dispositifs – Dislocations

Olivier Quintyn - Dispositifs – Dislocations
This study takes a look back at a century of collage practice, including visual arts, photography, video art, cinema, sound art, and literature. Author Olivier Quintyn draws on a body of work that includes Picasso, Rodchenko, Jasper Johns, Max Ernst, John Heartfield, Denis Roche, Manuel Joseph, Anne-James Chaton, Oval, People Like Us…
Olivier Quintyn (born 1978 in Porto Alegre) taught aesthetics and art history at Université Rennes 2. He publishes theoretical texts, distributes files and “poetic documents” about geopolitics, and has been practicing intermedia performance since 1997 as part of his project [S.V.P.] (Millenium BUG, 1999, I Shot Reagan, 2002, Fetal Diagnosis2004). Olivier Quintyn also explores “digital noise” in concert, and plays with electronic musicians like RudDe from the band dDamage or Komori. He is part of the music label Rolax.
published in October 2007
French edition
13 x 19 cm (softcover)
144 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-84761-967-6
EAN : 9782847619676
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