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L'Art à perpétuitéLimited edition

L\'Art à perpétuité Jean-Pierre Raynaud - L\'Art à perpétuité
Collection of handwritten sentences revealing a lesser-known side of Jean-Pierre Raynaud's personality and of his relationship to art, with an original collage signed by the artist.
“I am not crazy” declared Jean-Pierre Raynaud in 2006 on the occasion of eighties of his works incredible auction. If one could said that his work is cold and clinical, these are doubt, intimacy and paradox which occupy L'Art à perpétuité, delivering an unknown side of his personnality. In this book, he unveils, through eloquent sentences, his perceptions and criticisms of the art world, his private thoughts and his visions of society. Love, existence, disenchantment and even technologies are some of the broach thematics. Between passion and scepticism, Raynaud affirms his relations to art and its contemporary functioning. Without any teaching aim, the sentences meaning is left to the reader's own interpretation in order to put back them by himself in perspective with the artist's work.
Limited edition of 275 numbered and signed copies.

Also available in regular edition.
published in September 2017
12,5 x 21 cm (softcover, dust jacket)
48 pages + inserted artwork
ISBN : 978-2-37229-031-9
EAN : 9782372290319
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L'Art à perpétuité
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