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Desert Tracks (vinyl LP)

Michel Redolfi - Desert Tracks (vinyl LP)
In 1987, Michel Redolfi hit the California Desert road during the Fall, to catch those hypothetical poly-sensorial desert tones. He visited the Mojave Desert, Death Valley, Palm Canyon and came back with an extraordinary album of early electronic music, sparse and bright to express the crude light and the divine silences.
Also available on CD.
In 1969, with the co-foundation of the GMEM, Groupe de Musique Expérimentale de Marseille, Michel Redolfi (born 1951, Marseille, lives and works in Nice) pursued his passion for electro-acoustic music at an early age. During the 80s and 90s he composed collaborative works with François Bayle, Luc Ferrari, Bernard Parmegiani, Pierre Henry and Jean-Claude Risset. Resident of the United States from 1973 to 1984, he carried out his research with several new music centers, including the CME at the University of California in San Diego and California Institute of the Arts. Also during this period he developed several collaborations with American composers. The natural elements highlighted by technology are a constant in Redolfi's catalogue: many electroacoustic pieces stylize and orchestrate sound matter, recorded in remote locations (Pacific Tubular Waves, Desert Tracks, Jungle). He currently heads a major studio in sound design, Audionaute, based in Nice, France, and collaborates with contemporary artists such as Hervé di Rosa, Ben, and Miguel Chevalier.
published in November 2016
LP black vinyl
4 tracks (5'49 / 7'11 / 11'26 / 10'20)
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