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Le Projet Ouïr (CD)

François Bayle - Le Projet Ouïr (CD)
A 62' minute piece composed between 2015 and 2019, published for the first time on CD digipak.
"The French language can hear (entendre), listen (écouter), grasp (comprendre). 'Comprendre' aims too far. What is grasped has already been digested by the mind, away from the ear. "Entendre" is poorly distinguished from it—mainly because of 'entendement', which is virtually the same as "raison" (reason). That leaves us with 'écouter': the only one amongst the three that exclusively refers to the ear. Whoever listens stretches out his or her ear and expects to hear something and understand its ins and outs. However, this is still too nice, too urban. The idea is to break out of these customary dimensions and enter more difficult and risky territories. This is the 'Ouïr' Project (Le Projet 'Ouïr'). This archaic verb, which is now obsolete and that we can't conjugate properly anymore, invites us to exercise a proto-listening, awkward, uncomfortable and unsure of its aims—yet with the promise of new horizons."
– Regis Renouard Larivière
François Bayle (born 1932 in Tamatave, Madagascar) studied with Stockhausen and Messiaen. He joined the ORTF Groupe de Musique Concrète in 1960. He later led the group when it became the Groupe de Recherches Musicales in 1966. Most of his compositions are electronic, and his first important work, "Espaces inhabitables" (1967) is suggestive of an imaginary world in which nature is distorted in a dream-like fashion. He later utilized natural and synthetic sounds in his compositions, such as the recorded sounds made in a Lebanese cave. He has stated that his purpose as a composer is to enable the listener to feel the motion and vibration of energy in the universe.
published in December 2023
Digipack CD, 24-page booklet
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