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Pink Labor on Golden StreetsQueer Art Practices

 - Pink Labor on Golden Streets
Based on an exhibition and conferences that took place in 2012 at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, this volume expands on the issues raised by queer art practices through interviews, essays, collages, as well as personal and academic texts.
Pink Labor on Golden Streets: Queer Art Practices builds on an exhibition and conference at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna that explored the contradictory standpoints of queer art practices, conceptions of the body, and ideas of “queer abstraction,” a term coined by Judith Jack Halberstam that raises questions to do with (visual) representations in the context of gender, sexuality, and desire. It is particularly concerned with where form and politics crossover, citing the various combinations, juxtapositions, and the play between artistic strategies. This publication brings together papers from the 2012 conference and writing on artworks and art practices. In addition to testimonials from queer performers on the topic of “drag,” the book also includes interviews, essays, collage, and more personal writing. By placing these contemporary practices in a historical perspective and revising the perceived divergence between artistic attitudes and formal approach, this publication offers diverse and thought-provoking points of view.
Publication Series of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, vol. 17. Published following the series of conferences “Dildo Anus Macht: Queer Abstraction” and exhibition “Rosa Arbeit auf goldener Straße” at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, from November 2012 to February 2013.
Edited by Christiane Erharter, Hans Scheirl, Dietmar Schwärzler, Ruby Sircar.
Contributions by Madeleine Bernstorff, Cana Bilir-Meier, Kaucyila Brooke, Anna Daučikova, Vaginal Davis, Christiane Erharter, David J. Getsy, Jack Halberstam, Harmony Hammond, Stefan Hayn, Nanna Heidenreich, Daniel Hendrickson, Werner Hirsch, Nina Hoechtl, G. B. Jones, Jakob Lena Knebl, Michael Lucid, Ulrike Müller, Barbara Paul, Johannes Porsch, Karol Radziszewski, Raed Rafei, Roee Rosen, Hans Scheirl, Dietmar Schwärzler, Katia Sepúlveda, William J. Simmons, Ruby Sircar, Eliza Steinbock, Ginger Brooks Takahashi.

Graphic design: Surface.
published in January 2016
English edition
16,5 x 22 cm (softcover)
286 pages (70 color & 15 b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-95679-182-6
EAN : 9783956791826
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Pink Labor on Golden Streets Pink Labor on Golden Streets Pink Labor on Golden Streets Pink Labor on Golden Streets Pink Labor on Golden Streets Pink Labor on Golden Streets Pink Labor on Golden Streets

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