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Le Muscle du Sommeil

Gilles Berquet - Le Muscle du Sommeil
An erotic series of staged photographs exploring the margins of sexuality, including bondage and fetishism. The use of chiaroscuro shapes the woman's body in a refined and vintage manner, light beams and shadow play contribute to create an atmosphere close to goth & queer aesthetics also close to Pierre Molinier's works.
Born 1956 at Saint-Mandé (France), Gilles Berquet is a French artist known for his highly-sexual photographs featuring theatrical stagings of the woman's body. Influenced by various mediums (adventure fictions, comics, films, television), Berquet exhibits our worst nightmares and most guilty desires. His works are regularly published in his own magazine Maniac as well as in Muscle Carabine (United Dead Artists).
published in December 2009
no text
30 x 40 cm (softcover) + poster (67 x 96 cm)
32 pages (b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-37543-000-2
EAN : 9782375430002
sold out
Le Muscle du Sommeil Le Muscle du Sommeil Le Muscle du Sommeil

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