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Cura. #13 – Winter 2013

 - Cura. #13
The contemporary arts magazine focusing on emerging artists and curators, in the inaugural issue of its new formula.
With a restyling of the graphic design; a cover by the British artist Oliver Osborne introduced by Isobel Harbison. Contributions and projects by: Lorenzo Benedetti about Alexander Dorner for his section Portraits in the Exhibition Space; Gavin Wade interviewing the designer James Langdon; Vincent Honoré in conversation with Anthony Huberman, director of The Artist's Institute, New York, for the section Spaces. Study cases; the curator Eszter Steierhoffer about “Zoo-topia” project with images by Candida Höfer; Luca Francesconi's special project with words by Giovanni Carmine; Show and Tell section with the curator Cecilia Canziani and the artist Bettina Buck; a lab project by the American artist Mark Barrow; an imaginary show of fictional artworks by the curators Valentinas Klimašauskas and Virginija Januškevičiūtė; Julien Fronsacq in conversation with Aurélien Froment; Adam Carr in dialogue with the British artist Laura Reeves; Raimar Stange about Guerrilla Art Action Group; Felix Vogel on The Fox part II; an original poem by Roger Van Voorhees.

Cura.magazine is a platform for contemporary art based in Rome that investigates with an independent spirit today's artistic production, art's emerging scene and the borders that have marked its central moments, through collaborations with international artists and curators, who live in different areas of the world. It has a production of three issues per year.
The platform is also an editorial structure (Cura.books), publishing a series of artist's books (see the corresponding page in the publishers section).
published in March 2013
English edition
20,5 x 28,5 cm (softcover)
160 pages (color ill.)
in stock
Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura.

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