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Journal-poster #06

Alberto Sorbelli - Journal-poster #06
A set of photographs and texts / a large original photograph.
Each issue of the 127 Series is both a journal and a poster in which a contemporary artist shows what he never exposed: his photographs. The journal (25 x 35 cm) gathers a set of photographs and texts on the artist's work. On the back of the unfolded journal, the poster reveals a large original photograph by the artist (70 x 100 cm).
Born 1964 in Rome, Alberto Sorbelli lives and works between Paris, New York and Mysore.
Texts by Emmanuel Hermange, Marcella Lista, Stéphanie Pioda, Thomas Schlesser.
published in November 2012
French edition
25 x 35 cm (folded) / 70 x 100 cm (unfolded)
8 folded pages (color ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-916067-77-3
EAN : 9782916067773
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Journal-poster Journal-poster

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