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Self-TattoosEstampes et multiples 1982-2001

Fabrice Gygi - Self-Tattoos
The book includes an extensive interview with the Swiss artist and an inventory of his work. Gygi has produced many linocuts that foreshadow and shed light on his subsequent installations. The first documentation on this body of work.
Author of numerous performances, printed projects, and self-organized events in the 1980s up to the mid-1990s, Gygi has always claimed a social and political dimension to his work. The architectural structures or the public systems that he reproduces (screens, terraces, tents, stands, etc.) reveal the authoritative aspects and the control systems of our society.
published in 2001
French edition
16 x 21 cm
96 pages (55 b/w & 24 colour illustrations)
ISBN : 978-2-8306-0196-1
EAN : 9782830601961
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Self-Tattoos Self-Tattoos Self-Tattoos
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