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Fabio Paleari, Giallo Concialdi - Suca
A special (transgender) project.
New Gentlemen's Club publishes a special project by photographer Fabio Paleari and artist Giallo Concialdi . A very dark, intimate, smelly, heavy metal journey about sweet monsters who make you feel like an angel.
Edited by Luca Legnani, Luca Martinazzoli and Pino Pipoli, New Gentlemen's Club is a totally indecent adult art magazine, teaming up with a group of guest pornographers, writers, artists, photographers and models.

Strictly limited edition of 100 copies.
Viewer discretion is advised.
published in September 2011
no text
21 x 29,7 cm (softcover)
24 unbound pages (31 b/w ill.)
sold out

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