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Peeping Tom's Digest #02 – Mexico

Peeping Tom\'s Digest  - Peeping Tom\'s Digest #02
A mapping of the young Mexican art scene.
Peeping Tom stayed in Mexico from October through December 2009. Their search for talent began in Mexico City through a progressive and systematic following of initial and ongoing recommendations of people to meet and places to visit, and then onward to Guadalajara and Oaxaca.
This second issue showcasing Mexico includes a selection of fifty artists, art agents and initiatives representative of Peeping Tom's undertaking. A discursive format was adopted for this issue with language and conversation being the main vehicle of the collective's understanding and enlightenment during their exploration. This publication is composed of interviews, critical studies, essays, creative writings and informal conversations, conducted by twenty-five key figures (critics, art historians, curators, gallerists, collectors and artists, among other individuals) who substantially contribute to the dynamism and growth of the Mexican art scene.
Contributions by Abraham Cruzvillegas, Adriana Lara, Alejandro Almanza, André Pahl, Begoña Morales, Carlos Amorales, Carmen Cebreros Urzaiz, Cesar Cervantes, Charro Negro Galeria, Chloé Fricout, Curro y Poncho Galeria, Cynthia Guttierrez, Daniela Pérez, Demián Flores, Edgar Cobián, Eduardo Sarabia, Eva Svennung, Fernando Mesta (Gaga Arte Contemporáneo), Mariana Pérez Amor & Alejandra Reygadas de Yturbe (Galería de Arte Mexicano), Francis Alÿs, Gerardo Alberto Lammers, Geovanna Ibarra, Guillermo Fricke, Guillermo Santamarina, Jessica Berlanga Taylor, Jorge Munguía Matute, Jorge Sosa, José León Cerrillo, José Luis Cortès, José Noe Suro, Kurimanzutto, Pamela Echeverría (LABOR), Macarena Hernández, Marcela Armas, Mariana Munguía Matute, Mercedes Nasta de la Parra, Michel Blancsubé, Miguel Calderón, Gonzalo Lebrija, José Davila & Fernando Palomar (OPA), Orlando Jimenez, Patricia Martin, Patrick Charpenel, Montserrat Albores & Pablo Sigg (PETRA), Pip Day, José García (Proyectos Monclova), Ricardo Alzati, Silverio, SOMA, Tania Perez Cordova, Tercerunquinto, Yoshua Okon...
Peeping Tom's Digest is an experimental and subjective publication dedicated to contemporary art. Each issue focuses on trends and movements of a particular geographic area and highlights the artists and initiatives represented within it. The point of departure for each edition is a residency of the Peeping Tom collective lasting several months in the chosen city, region or country. Deliberately empirical, without critical, theoretical or historical pretensions, its approach allows them to veer off the beaten path. Not only sharing the work, the artists, and the artistic and cultural efforts they encountered, each volume also aims to reveal the specificity of a depicted art scene: the curatorial process and the structure of the magazine (graphic design, format, number of pages and so on) varies from issue to issue reflecting the characteristics and stakes of each locale. The genealogy of the experiment and its numerous protagonists are showcased in the publication as an inserted poster.
Peeping Tom is also a publishing structure for monographs and artists' books (see the publishers page).
published in May 2011
English edition
21 x 24,5 cm (softcover)
256 pages (color & b/w ill.), inserted poster
ISBN : 978-2-9537040-4-4
EAN : 9782953704044
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Peeping Tom's Digest Peeping Tom's Digest Peeping Tom's Digest Peeping Tom's Digest Peeping Tom's Digest Peeping Tom's Digest Peeping Tom's Digest Peeping Tom's Digest Peeping Tom's Digest Peeping Tom's Digest Peeping Tom's Digest Peeping Tom's Digest

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