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Semaine #04 – janvier-avril 2011

 - Semaine #04
Joël Kermarrec, Daniela Comani, Du spirituel dans l'art contemporain, Regardez dire, Membres fantômes – Variations sur un thème de Peter Szendy, Strates et discontinuités, Alexandre Maubert, Justine Pluvinage & Vera Schöpe, DIKU ?, Didier Dessus & Pierre-Yves Magerand, Nicolas Daubanes, Camille Llobet, François Daillant, Julia Cottin, Nicolas Tilly, Yannick Vey...
A contemporary art magazine published by Analogues, Semaine focuses on the development of art and exhibitions in time and proposes an approach to art in the making, revealing the extent and diversity of the artistic territory in France today.
published in January 2011
French edition
17 x 24 cm (softcover)
288 pages (ill.)
18.00 9.00
(special offer)
ISBN : 978-2-35864-019-0
EAN : 9782358640190
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