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Cosmic Wonder Free Press – Light Catalog #01 – The Solar Garden

Yukinori Maeda - Cosmic Wonder Free Press – Light Catalog #01
The new Cosmic Wonder issue is devoted to an ecological clothing line, photographed by artist Laetitia Benat.
“The Solar Garden COSMIC WONDER Light Source is a new ecological lifestyle project made with the harmonized energy of the earth and its plants.
This 100% organic cotton collection ranges from daily wear to dance wear, underwear, towels, and scarves. The entire production process is chemical-free. The cotton is grown free of petrochemical fertilizers and sprayed insecticides. All products are hand-dyed with herbs: akane, gardenia, pomegranate, mulberry leaf, rose bengal, catechu, and natural indigo. Prints are also done by hand with herbal dyes. Though these processes are time-consuming, we believe that the care that goes into making them is reflected in the natural beauty of the finished pieces.
We hope that by using fair-trade materials and low-impact production processes we can draw awareness to the importance of environmental preservation and the need to achieve a more sustainable system of manufacturing.
All Solar Garden products are certified by official organizations.”
Cosmic Wonder Free Press is a new unconventional periodical publication with free pace and free format by Yukinori Maeda. Published by Nieves
Yukinori Maeda, Japanese artist, musician and designer, realizes clothes under the name of Cosmic Wonder. He creates one of the most singular universes of the actual fashion's scene.
published in April 2010
English edition
14,8 x 20,5 cm (softcover)
36 pages (color ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-905714-76-0
EAN : 9783905714760
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Cosmic Wonder Free Press – Light Catalog Cosmic Wonder Free Press – Light Catalog Cosmic Wonder Free Press – Light Catalog Cosmic Wonder Free Press – Light Catalog
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